Monday, December 16, 2002

i dont want to blog.. and i dont think i will blog until well after 2 weeks of my wedding day Inshallah
sorry for any inconv this may cause
although it should cause none
and remember me in all your prayers..
and plz pray that Allah unites us in happiness and keeps this marriage strong with the same
and Pray for the Marriage of Tara too..
that Allah unites her and her hubby in happiness and keeps thier marriage strong, firm and happy always and forever.. and that Allah blesses them with abundunt wealth of love, life and children
take care sisters and brothers

Sunday, December 15, 2002

what should i say... im stuck on words and thoughts and how to feel, when to feel what
i cant still believe that in one week Inshallah i will be with someone..
a wife..
someones partner.. and have another best friend..Inshallah
i cant believe how much Allah has been merciful to me..
hes showered me with wonderful parents, family, sisters, friends and now a wonderful husband to be Inshallah
we continue to plan and plan.. but Allahs plans are all that works out
a word out to my sisters..
dont underestimate the mercy of Allah..
ask of everything you want.. verily he is All knowing ready to give.
sometimes it might seem weird on your part.. sitting asking...when we knw how much we have sinned
but Allah knws the deepest corners of our hearts..
and he knws what we want, he is just waiting for us to proclaim takbeer and ask from him
May Allah reward all my sisters with what so ever they wish (in both his intrest and thiers)
and allow them to taste the every sweet and binding mercy of Allah
every hug is a comforting one..
but when you learn to hug and embrace Allah..
u will find that there is not a soul youve been comforted by save him
walk to him..

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

most ppl been asking me if i knw who sheesha is..
since she is mentioned soo much on shortais blog and some other..and they figure i knw her cause my screen name said
"who put the sheesha in aesha"
answer is..
SHORTAI.. my gal..o0ps.sorry shortai
n-e howzers.. whas new wit my life..
uhhhhhhhhh not much
Tara didnt get the parcel i posted her.. which is nothing new.. since 0f the 3 parcels i posted.. only 1 was received..
only humaira and taz got the cassetes i sent
dawn and tara are yet to be determined
I gave up on dawns braclet.. since it was kinkling. they cud think something
but tara was a book for peanuts sake...not much explosion there
oh well May Allah make it reach their safely Ameen
this week is soo flying by Subhanallah
time is something amazing to wonder about .. honestly
im sorta stuck on how to feel.. so ppl can excuse me..
cause i dunno if i shud be happy or be sad.. or be both. and if both.. then....
guess i'll just feel how i feel anyway
not that it matters..
most ppl tell brides that its thier one day.. make it special...
but .. ppl just shut me up.. saying i dont understand anything and besides that im too young
uhhh okay then i suppose..
i wish i cud remember what i actually came on to write
pshaw to all dem thoughts
Allah is enough for me
and he is all aware
May he bring the day of happiness with happiness and allow every prospective girl to view the same..
and show us many many more
im out!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Today a few comments really hit me hard in the heart and made me realize a lot of things
I dunno why I always talk as If Ive gotten everything figured out, Im prolly the most confused person at the moment
Ive got so much going on.. yet when I want to do something.. I find absolutely nothing to do
Ive been loosing touch with soo many ppl soo close to me
and now i feel as if Im in this wedding thing all alone
maybe its just wedding jitters.. and a lot of time spent thinking
honestly Im just messed in the head
I hope Imran knws what kind of girl hes getting

its already been attack of the emotions.. which hit hard
One think Ive understood is that completing half your faith is no picnic
and its not going to be.. It takes a lot of time and effort and patience
Shaitan is always on the attack to make emotions run wild..
especially the last few days with my family and friends..
Im gonna keep my mouth shut and let everything slide..
cause otherwise Ima fight or hurt and none of which i want before I leave

I saw the card they printed from their side
and It made me go to tears. now its offically setting in my head
my name printed with his.. a date.. a place it sorta scary now isnt it
oh well
Allah is enough for me!

i dunno what else to write
im stuck in both thoughts and words
and I just want to sit and cry
oh well
thas life
you win some you loose some
I hope this marriage is a winsome situation
its the rest of my life with one person
poor him..
he has the rest of his life with me!

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Im not feeling well today..
I had something yesterday which gave me a upset stomach,, lost of nausea and stuff
Im sorta worried cause the wedding is on the 21st which is exactly 13 days tomrz.. yet we havent gotten things done
but oh wel.. Inshallah everything will b okay..
Allah will be with us Inshallah.. and he'll make everything just perfect
I got my wedding dress material yesterday
its white with beaded embroidery on it. I really fell in love with it ever since I saw it.. and Im glad Alhumdulliah that we got it
what else is up with us..
I guess thas it..
Ive been reading loads of kitabs and stuff on married life..
its sorta scary about everything I will go through INSHALLAH
being a wife and then a mother Inshallah
May Allah make it easy on all of us.. and be with us.. though we are sinful.. and forgive us
Ya Rabbigfirl lee War Ham Wa Anta Khayrur Raahimeen
well anyhow.. I hope that you all keep me in your precious and pious prayers
and forgive me for the lack of communication these few weeks as I will be extremly busy with stuff
but Inshallah I shall keep on updating you all with wedding preparations as it dawns to the big day Inshallah
make dua
and take care

Friday, December 06, 2002

I held blogging for exactly a month.. wooohoo
oh well.. not a big sacrifice.. but atleast its something..
ne howzers..
update on my life..
Im getting married on the 21st of December Inshallah hu T3ala... and my valeema will be held on the 25th..
Im sorta scared and TRES nervous.. but i guess thas just normal. I talk as if Ive got things figured out.. silently im whispering much hurt.. its not going to be easy leaving my family and friends that it took me 18yrs to build a bond with..
but we all have to go someday.. so Inshallah Allah will make everything easy
Im getting a simple white Bridal satin dress.. with chiffon on top.. Inshallah sewn this weekend.. I dont want anything fancy or updo.. but I cant help that on the valima.. cause HIM wants me in desi gear..
so Im gonna have to strutt my stuff in a HEAVY HEAVY LENGHA.. Its maroon and gold..
its nice..
if I cud stand before falling in it.. LOL
oh well one day..
thas about it..
Me and Taytum did some MAJOR make up shoppin.. LOL.. my mom was like u havent got ur clothes.. and here u have ur make up.. but ah wha can u do..
its the only thing Im really fond of that I can strutt..
today (eid) im wearing a blue dress with silver print.. its really nice.. My sister Rabiah gave it to me as a gift for eid..n I got it sewn before
yesterday me and my older sister Vida went shopping for toys for ma nephews and boy! was it a hectic time..
we ended up getting them smal little jordan and nike shoes..
they look soooooooo cute Mashallah
and we know its a waste of money considerng that it'll take all of 3 weks be4 they grow out of it
but oh well
Inshallah they can pass it down to ma kids *heh*
and plus they get to wear it on my wedding
o0o0oh I talked to TARA and DAWn who sounds tottally like a white girl LOL
dont the white ppl vex on me now
Tara sounds maJOrly Cute Mashallah.. I can see why SOME ONE PERSON is having a hard time getting her off his mind LOL
and tara dont worry.. I am findin u a boy toy here.. so u can get married.. remember the 21st
ayt.. I shud go have some food now.. it feels awfully weird eating after 6.. i almost didnt brush my teeth today
SADIA i said ALMOST =)
well anyhowzers.. Eid Mabrook to everyone once again
May Allahs mercy and blessings be with you all
Take care
Remember me in ur Duas
oh and shortai.. I snailed.. and if u dont snail back.. Im soo comin to cali just to give ur booty a whippin
luv u all and Jazakallah hu Khair for the beautiful duas

Monday, November 04, 2002

Ramadhan Mabrook to everyone..
May Allah enable us all to see many more Ramadhans together.. each one filling the wishes of the past Ramadhan Ameen
May this month be filled with blessings, forgiveness, Allahs mercy and the acceptance of all of our prayers and duas
Remember as you pray for your family, there are tons of ppl who died praying for thier family.. pray for theres too.
Remember as you pray for a good partner, there are so many sisters who got rapped and abused.. pray for them too.
Remember as you pray for a child, there are soo many women sitting barren.. pray for them too
Remember as you pray for a wealth, health the ability to be free.. there are soo many deprived of that.. Pray for them too.
There are soo many ppl more deserving then us, those who take on the jihad of the ummah.. spread of this deen..
and still we are filled with Allahs blessings and mercy
at the very least pray for them
a silent prayer for their well being.. or atleast that you care
Remember as you are fasting.. that all muslims around the world join you..
This month truly unites us all
May Allahs mercy be with us all
and May we All taste the sweetness of this month and aquire its true benefits and blessings
With love and Salams to all my sisters & brothers
Ramadhan Mabrook